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Medical Team

The Esteworld medical team has undergone years of rigorous training, extensive academic experience and grand fellowships. Many of our elite team members are esteemed members of international medical associations.

As specialists -- from dealing with traumatic injuries to breast reconstruction to intricate plastic surgery treatments -- our devoted team is at the forefront of their practice using the most pioneering techniques and innovative approaches to our medical services and plastic surgery.

  • Mustafa Tuncer

    Mustafa Tuncer

    Dr. Tuncer is one of the leading experts of medical tourism market in Turkey. His experience in hospital management gives him a unique perspective and forward-thinking vision to provide local and international patients the highest standards of medical care.

  • Uzm. Dr. Servet TERZİLER

    Uzm. Dr. Servet TERZİLER

    Dr. Terziler talent and artistic skill have captured the attention and appreciation of many local and international hair transplant associations, which allowed him to build a solid reputation as hair transplant expert in Turkey. He was the guest speaker of many landmark medical conferences and was featured on several prime-time TV shows to share his expertise and knowledge of the latest hair transplant techniques. At the helm of hair transplant practice at Esteworld Turkey, Dr. Terziler is specialized in Follicular Unit Extraction method; thanks to this meticulous approach and absolute precision.

  • Op. Dr. Alaaddin KARABACAK

    Op. Dr. Alaaddin KARABACAK

    Dr. Karabacak offers 29 years of experience in plastic surgery. He takes pride in his ability to improve, refine and restore natural beauty. Recognizing that plastic surgery is a dynamic and results-oriented specialty that demands extensive training and excellence, Dr. Karabacak utilizes modern techniques, artistic ideals and extracting technical skill producing exceptional results.

  • Uzm. Dr. Cemal KARAYAZI

    Uzm. Dr. Cemal KARAYAZI

    Dr. Karayazi is dedicated to the well being and health of patient he serves. He uses his expertise in the delivery of anesthesia care with focused emphasis on safety, value and quality. Dr. Karayazi is well trained to provide relief from pain during and after surgical operations. With 20 years of professional experience, the doctor has managed to put more than 40.000 patients to sleep and have ensured a safe and healthy waking up after surgery.

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