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Sideburn Transplantation

Whether interlinked by trauma, surgery or other medical causes — the inability to grow facial hair and sideburns is a problem for many men. Many of these men report that their lack of facial hair and sideburns weakens their self-esteem and their overall image.

Sideburn transplant in Turkey can help you regrow facial hair and regain your self-confidence.

Good Candidates for Sideburn Transplant

Facial hair transplants provide a solution for men without sideburns — which enables specific follicles to grow where desired. The best candidates are men whose beard grows irregularly.

Why is Esteworld the Best Choice for Sideburn Transplant

Sideburn transplants require an artistic and surgical skillset to enhance a patient's appearance and reshape their face.

We take pride in offering the most advanced surgical techniques, combined with the latest technology on aesthetic density. Hair transplant surgeons at Esteworld Turkey strive to perform exceptional, natural-looking sideburn transplants.

Sideburn Transplant Procedure

Sideburn transplant is performed with follicular unit transplantation FUE in an entirely natural method. It is the same technique utilized with hair transplantation, however special care is taken to ensure sideburns are aligned in the same natural pattern as surrounding facial hairs. Your new sideburns can last a lifetime.

After the Procedure

After your sideburn transplant, the newly transplanted hair will begin to grow immediately. You will be able to see full density and growth one year after the transplant.

General Risks of Sideburns Transplant

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Numbness
  • Loss of sensation
  • Corrective surgery

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